Vlaamse woordenboek


Het Vlaamse woordenboek lijkt zowat een Nederlandstalige Urban Dictionary !



An interactive map of Westeros (and many more) with notations of the occupying houses.

Paper Tux


there is no such thing as too many cubicle toys- make your very own paper Tux.

Schrödinger's cat


I recently wiped out my Ubuntu install on my netbook, and reinstalled it with the current beta of Fedora 19. It's a wonderfull deep dive into the desktop world of Red Hat/Fedora after 12 years of Debian & Ubuntu. And boy, is this bleeding edge : Linux 3.9, Gnome 3.8, ... The installer worked as a charm, and everything on my netbook is supported. As previously said, I really like gnome-shell but I do notice some usabililty regression versus Gnome 3.4 on my Debian stable.

There are still a few rough edges in this beta, like broken package dependancies, but I expect this to be resolved with the official release tomorrow.


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