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Greek Gods family tree

Literature has put a Greek God family tree online with links to Wikipedia. Some gods like Zeus got quite around (it's good to be the king), so you'd better maximize your browser for a better overview.

The Camelot project


The Camelot Project : a wonderful collection of Arthurian images, e-texts, and bibliographies, comprising everything from the Alliterative Morte Arthure to the eccentric Robert Stephen Hawker's "The Quest for the Sangraal."

The top 100 SF books


Phobosweb has put together the top 100 SF books one should read. Did you know BTW that George Lucas allways aknowledged that he used Dune as a major inspiration for Star Wars ? has a lengthy explanation about the similarities in both epics.

Stupid comics


Stupid Comics rounds up dozens of badly written, drawn and conceived comics from yesteryear.

Ten Tech Items Inspired by Science Fiction

Literature has a list of 652 devices and concepts which were introduced in science fiction novels, some of which have "come true". The most famous of all is of course the communicator in Star Trek, which was the predecessor of our mobile phone.
Here's a short overview of the most famous ones in this Google answers thread, with several links to the Technovelgy site.


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