The Urban Dictionary

If Wikipedia is too dry or too objective for you, then the Urban Dictionary will give you some cool slang definitions to quote around. Some examples to give you a chuckle :

* Sun : Sun Microsystems. As in Damn that stock is going down like Sun Microsystems.

* Marriage : Suicide in it's worst form.
Jerry: Dude, Ben committed marriage yesterday.
Joe: Holy shit dude. Well, so much for hanging out with ben.

* Frodo : that last bit of poo that wont drop into the toilet : an annoying little shit that wont let go of the ring. As in :
-Are you okay in there?
-Yeah, but I gotta frodo. Come back in like 10 minutes

Serge van Gind… Thu, 05/18/2006 - 11:27

I'm afraid there's something wrong with the 'Urban Dictionary' link? It's pointing to now.

Anonymous Wed, 05/24/2006 - 23:24

* Debian : lets party like it's 1999 with all the binaries from 1999

* Ubuntu : Ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning "I can't configure Debian"

* Gentoo : It takes three commands to install Gentoo; this is the first one :
# cfdisk /dev/hda && mkfs.xfs /dev/hda1 && mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/gentoo/ && chroot /mnt/gentoo/ && env-update && . /etc/profile && emerge sync && cd /usr/portage && scripts/ && emerge system && emerge vim && vi /etc/fstab && emerge gentoo-dev-sources && cd /usr/src/linux && make menuconfig && make install modules_install && emerge gnome mozilla-firefox openoffice && emerge grub && cp /boot/grub/grub.conf.sample /boot/grub/grub.conf && vi /boot/grub/grub.conf && grub && init 6