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Git as a backup tool


Backup and version control tools are in fact the same : their job is to keep different versions of files. Using git as a backup solution is an interesting point of view for this hip version control tool. If you're interested in start using Git altogether, check out this tutorial.
Update : EigenClass is a git backup implementation in OCaml.
Update2 : an important remark is that Git does not preserve file ownership. This might be a no-go for restore operations, but for personal file backup this might well do the job you're looking for.


Seems like the link is dead. Too bad...

Here's another link on the subject


Thanx, that link seems to work.

I have written a small program(bash script really) that takes command line arguments, and allow users to configure backup directories through a ini file in /etc

Just follow this link.

This is not a how-to, but a script that can be downloaded and installed using 'make install'
Please feel free to use it, and report any flaws or bugs.