Spam Radio


I hate spam, but i love spamradio... the guys at spamradio use text to speech software on spam messages they recieve and mix the results with ambient music for truly disturbing and amazing results. from run your own porn site to start spamming now.

Creatures in my head


A creature a day keeps the doctor away.



A Flatout is a situation where all your dashboard meters are aligned horizontally. Yep, that means driving fast ! As allways, not to be performed in populated areas, please.

Free Radio Linux


At first I thought this to be a joke, but apparently it's true : February 3 is the fourth anniversary of the term Open Source. To mark this occasion, Radio Qualia is starting to read all 4,141,432 lines of code in the Linux kernel out loud, by automated computer voices, over the Internet. Lay in lots of cassettes if you want to tape it all; the reading is expected to last 594 days. Hear it here. (You need an Ogg Vorbis compatible player.)

Annon Edhellen edro hi ammen.

Lord of the Rings

This site has the Elvish 'lyrics' if you want, of the first Lord of the Rings movie. With an English traduction, luckily (my Quenya still sucks). Never thought that Elvish could be that sexy, certainly if it comes out of the mouth of such a sweetie like Liz Taylor.


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