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Well, my PC has been repaired. Seems that a broken memory DIMM caused all the trouble. Damn, even I should have figured that out. Kudos to the repair service of Medion, they send a technician to my house to fix the problem.
At least I'm working on a fast PC again. Time to start some backups...

Hardware sucks


Hardware still sucks : ik zag gisteravond dat de screensaver op mijn 15 maand jonge PC om één of andere reden vastgelopen was. Een power-cycle bracht enkel het Pentium logo op het scherm tevoorschijn, en verder niks. Waar is de tijd trouwens dat je bij aanschaf van een PC nog een diagram kreeg van het moederbord ? Machien is een Medion MD8800 (Aldi PC). Ik vrees een moederbord probleem; iemand een idee welke hardware gefaald is ?

The printer curse


I don't know what I have with printers, or better : what printers have against me. All the deskjet printers I had, never kept up longer than two years. So the last printer I got, was a second-hand HP laser printer, which would last longer, I hoped than its predecessors. Vain hope, it seemed : after two years, this one also died.
So now I decided to buy a new laser printer, a Samsung ML-1610. I wonder how long I will be able to use this baby...

Installing a printer under Linux has become a breeze - relatively spoken - with CUPS : the printer wasn't available in the default CUPS list, but a search on revealed a ML-1710 driver, which I copied to /usr/share/cups/model/. Works great.



I already told you about my old computer's failing CD writer. So I was looking for a new computer, and lo and behold, right at this time, Aldi came again with a very interesting offer : the Medion MD8800, a PentiumD based dual-core 64bit system, with wireless lan aboard, a tv card, SATA disks and much more. It took a while before I wiped out the Windows XP installation, cause I needed all the info about the included hardware.

I chose for a Debian unstable based install, simply because it's the only distribution I know to have good x86-64 support (except maybe Gentoo). The installation wasn't very easy, cause the Debian installer contained a 2.6.8 kernel, which had great trouble detecting my SATA disks. Using the updated netinstall iso from Lennart Sorensen fixed this problem.

I completed the install without any problem (a fully based 64 bit system !), but now the real work starts : building a customized kernel, restoring my personal files & preferences, and populating the system with the everyday used programs. The machine is called Gundabad, after the Orc capital in the north of the Misty Mountains (yep, I keep using Tolkien as a source to name my home computers).

The box is fast; so fast it makes my ADSL connection to crawl like a snail. Oh yes, when I'm done setting up the machine, I'll put up a page with all the information on it in order to install Linux on it.

Secondary master... None


Some days ago, I noticed that my computer booted a bit slower than usual. It kept hanging a few seconds in the POST on the "Secondary Master... None" message. I didn't pay much notice to it, because after my last apt-get dist-upgrade, I had my own share of problems. But yesterday when I tried to open the CD-writer lid, it refused. A quick look inside the computer didn't reveal any loose contacts, so I guess the CD-writer is dead. Damn.

Normally, I would just grab another CD reader or writer, and yank in back into my PC, but the fact that my computer is already 5 years old, and that I was planning anyway to buy a new one next year, makes me wait. I have a good idea what type I want for a new computer, so it's time to explore what's out there.


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