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Gesmurft !


Crap . Verleden maand mijn eerste snelheidsboete gehad. Ik heb altijd wel een zware voet gehad, maar om één of andere reden altijd uit het vizier van de snelheidscamera's kunnen blijven. Nu is het ook wel zo dat ik in de bebouwde kom ook wel me probeer aan de 50 km te houden, maar deze keer zat ik met mijn hoofd compleet elders. En dan krijg je midden in de dag natuurlijk een vriendelijk verzoek om je naast de combi te parkeren.

Bon, met 63km/h in de bebouwde kom, en met een minnelijke schikking van 50 euro besef ik dat ik er goedkoop vanaf kom. En dat ik devolgende keer wat minder snel moet rijden, natuurlijk...

The evolution of car logos


Have you ever wondered why the Audi in front of you has a logo of four interlocked rings? Did you know that the Cadillac emblem was inspired by a family crest of a nobleman who later turned out to be a fraud? offers a fascinating look into the evolution of some well-known car logos.

Who owns who


Here's a nice graphs showing who owns who in automobile land.



I got my first traffic fine ever : it's a stupid parking ticket; when we were shopping in Aarschot, I found a parking fine on my car. We were only out for an hour, so I guess some nazi-asshole-pen-licking-dickhead cop was lurking the parking lot, looking for victims. I was allways under the impression that there is no parking fee due in the weekends, but the spaghetti of the ever changing Belgian traffic law must have been altered again.

I'm not going to pay this, no fscking way.



Mr Murphy payed us a visit yesterday; while driving into a sharp road turn, we encountered an old man who was planning to turn his car in the middle of the sharp turn. As his car was positioned vertically over the two road lanes, an accident was inavoidable...
I got away with a few bruises, but Martine had quite some pain in the lower back. We went to see the doctor right away, and she got some prescriptions for painkillers. The car is taken away to the garage, and tomorrow we'll know if it's total loss or not.


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